Basic Training for Relationship Building

The 5 Coffee Challenge is for anyone who wants to master the art of relationships. It is NOT sales training. It is a practical and actionable way to build the foundation for life-long business development success.

Drawing on his first-hand experience as a former “Big Law” attorney who now works as in-house counsel, Law Leaders Lab Adviser Josh Beser provides step-by-step guidance on how to identify, meet and develop meaningful relationships. Along the way, participants put the training into action, using our scripts, templates and 3-part follow-up system to approach and meet with five smart and interesting people… each over coffee.

The Result? By the end of 30 days, challengers will form new business development habits that will last throughout their careers.

How it Works

The 5 Coffee Challenge is a self-paced online program broken into six modules (one per week). Each module can be completed in blocks of either five or 20 minute minutes so that participants can easily work the training into their daily schedules. Each week there are action items that include using our scripts and templates to meet with at least five people over the 30-day period.

Who Should Take the 5 Coffee Challenge?

The 5 Coffee Challenge is for any attorney who has neglected or has never learned the skills required to build meaningful professional relationships. The challenge may be particularly beneficial for mid-level or senior associates who see business development as a path to partnership. The 5 Coffee Challenge can be run as a stand-alone program, integrated with existing in-house training programs, or supplemented with Law Leaders Lab pre- and post-program coaching programs.

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