LAW LEADERSHIP IN ACTION: Twilla Case, Epiq Systems

The role of legal services providers has shifted dramatically in recent years. Once viewed simply as “vendors”, today corporations consider these providers as strategic business partners. No where are we seeing this more than with e-discovery, where corporations are hiring third-party servicers to manage their electronic discovery so they can avoid what they believe to be inefficiencies inside law firms. 

Twilla Case, Epiq Systems Director of Global Solutions 310.386.9289

Twilla Case, Epiq Systems
Director of Global Solutions

Over the last year, Law Leaders Lab has been conducting a Future of Law study in which we’ve explored five innovation models that are changing the practice of law for the better. Today we are look at one of those models: Competitive Collaboration. In this instance, we address how lawyers and legal services providers can work together to better create, deliver and communicate value to clients.

That’s exactly the conversation Twilla Case, Director of Global Solutions for Epiq Systems, has been having with her law firm clients. Law Leaders Lab spent time recently with Case, where she shared her experience helping corporations address their e-discovery challenges.

Case is an experienced eDiscovery Professional specializing in litigation and investigation related project services, including: data collection, electronic file processing, search and analytics consultation, predictive ranking, document hosting, scanning, coding, and attorney review. She has helped deliver cost effective eDiscovery services to a wide range of clients including General Counsel, Litigators, eDiscovery Managers, Legal IT, and Litigation Support Managers of Fortune 500 Corporations, Amlaw 250 Law Firms and Government Agencies.

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