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Changing for the sake of change: A proponent’s viewpoint

If, as Cicero said, man is his own worst enemy, then partners are posing the biggest risk to the sustainability of large law firms. From my vantage point, individual attorney, practice group and other internal silos are preventing most firms from making needed change in the way they do business. With the latest Hildebrant Baker…

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Client Service Lesson #5: Communication, Communication, Communication

This is the final post of a five-part series on lessons learned from working with law firm client service teams. To learn more, check out my article, “Lessons from the Trenches: Law Firm Client Service Teams.“ Have you ever been stuck on the tarmac during an airline flight delay? To me, there is nothing more frustrating, especially…

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The Pitfalls of Working in Silos: A Lesson from the Dog Next Door

Everything I know about business, I learned from my dog Star The dog next door is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Her name is Dakota and she is a chocolate brown Chesapeake Retriever. Dakota works the human crowd as well as any business developer I have ever met. But Dakota works alone.…

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Client Service Lesson #4: Appearances Count

Relationship management touches every aspect of the business—from how you answer the phone to how you bill your clients. Create a client service policy for your firm and make sure every person on staff understands their role in relationship management. Effective client service teams analyze their existing client relationships across every functional unit of the…

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Client Service Lesson #3: Business Process Matters

It is a buyer’s market out there. Over the last two years, more than 5,700 lawyers have lost their jobs. The demand for many types of legal services is down. Competition for high-demand legal services has never been greater. Being a good lawyer is no longer good enough. How you demonstrate value is equally important.…

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