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The Value Framework Part 2: Outcomes

by Debra Baker In talking with General Counsel and Chief Financial Officers it is clear they are far more interested in the outcomes their lawyers deliver than the time and effort lawyers put in to producing the work. In other words, while lawyers tend to work in the world of inputs – how much time,…

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The Value Framework Part 1: Relationships

by Debra Baker Relationships are the cornerstone of any professional services business. But the traditional ways lawyers build relationships are changing. Excellent legal service, responsiveness and knowledge of a client’s business – once considered “value adds” to building strong relationships – are now considered a requirement for getting business. Meanwhile, “Trusted Advisor” relationships – a…

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The Evolution of Value in Legal Services: A framework for defining value and improving the way lawyers deliver legal services

In 1964, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said he couldn’t define pornography but “knew what it was when he saw it.” Something similar can be said today about the concept of value in legal services. Ask lawyers how they define the value of what they do and most will struggle with a tangible definition.…

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