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The impact of Mega Global Firms on the Law Firm Competitive Landscape

This is the third in a series of posts about the New Faces of the Law Firm Competitive Landscape While there is no evidence to suggest that bigger is better, that hasn’t stopped a new breed of Mega Global Firms from emerging onto the legal landscape. Mega Global Firms are easy to spot: Just follow…

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The Impact of the Ultra-Profitables on the Law Firm Competitive Landscape

When it comes to law firm strategy, there is nothing lawyers like more than non-fee sensitive work. But with the exception of corporate investigations and tax-disputes, this coveted slice of the legal market pie is not much more than a sliver, and everyone wants a bite. There was a time when most of the AmLaw…

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Five Emerging Faces Dominating the Law Firm Competitive Landscape

Five emerging faces are changing the competitive landscape of the legal industry in permanent ways. Is your practice sustainable? The new faces of the legal industry include: 1) The Ultra Profitable Firm — The handful of AmLaw firms whose profits per partner are so great that they are able to leverage their buying power to…

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