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Showing up is half of life…but only half

A great leader I know used to conclude his staff presentations by saying, “They say that showing up is half of life. I thank you for showing up today.” There is a lot to be said by that statement. Showing up is important. It means you care enough to take time out of your day…

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Value Perceptions: Real or Illusory?

BTI Consulting Group hosted a webinar last week detailing findings from its 2011 Litigation Trends survey. My favorite slide of the presentation was titled “Clients Blind to Law Firm Changes.” The slide depicts a two-bar graph. One bar reflects the percentage of litigators who believe they are delivering more value to clients. The other depicts…

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If not now, when?

One month ago today I was confined to a hotel room with severe back pain. It was the aftermath of Legal Tech New York and I was supposed to be on a plane back to San Diego. Instead, the hotel doctor was giving me a Cortizone shot and ordering me not to move. I’m 41.…

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