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Feeling like a Butterball Turkey

The holiday season is officially upon us. Thanksgiving is always a reminder to me that I have two switches in life: on and off. There is not much in between. I eat or I don’t eat. And so far this year, my eating switch is on. They say the average American gains seven pounds during…

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Why Lawyers Shouldn’t Fear Sales

I am the daughter of a salesman. My dad sold Marley Cooling Towers for more than 40-years before his retirement about a decade ago. He was good at it. Cooling towers are the giant box-shaped structures you see on large buildings. They are used to regulate heating and air conditioning units by cooling hot water…

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The S*** Word Law Firms Still Avoid

Take your mind out of the gutter. The word I am talking about is Sales. Over the last decade I have attended hundreds of law firm marketing seminars and conferences where the topic of sales is on the agenda. The theme is universally similar — Should law firms do it and, if so, how? The…

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Too busy for marketing

Last week was the first week I went without posting a blog. I also turned down a golf outing with a former colleague who is now a prospective client. My excuse? I’m too busy. It’s true. October was a great month for my business. I have a new client ramping up and my existing clients…

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