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12 Step Program for Law Firms

They say admitting you have a problem is the first sign of recovery. For most law firms, that means acknowledging that you don’t have a business plan for practicing law. How is your firm doing? If you can answer the following 12 questions with concrete answers, you are on the right track. If not, it…

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The value of a law degree: A response to scam bloggers

I’ve been following with interest the debate prompted by so-called “scam bloggers” over the value of a legal education and the obligation of law schools to provide accurate data to students about post-graduate job placements. I empathize with graduates entering the workforce in search of jobs that don’t exist. I appreciate the added stress on…

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Evolving from “lawyer’s lawyer” to “client’s lawyer”

Reflections on the impact of the emerging Global 25: Part 3 The first time I heard the term, ‘lawyer’s lawyer’ was during an interview with a senior partner about what made his firm different. His response was that they were “lawyer’s lawyers.” He was referring to the reputation the firm’s lawyers held within the legal…

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