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Life is a marathon, plan your business development activities accordingly

My husband ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. Even as a spectator, it was a pretty amazing experience. Steve finished with a PR of 2:50:26, placing him 646 overall out of 27,000 runners. He smiled the whole time he was running. Training for the race was time consuming. He qualified last October at the Chicago…

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Diving in

It was a good week at work. One of my clients launched a major business development initiative. Another finalized materials for a marketing campaign to promote a new service line. A third got through a tedious set of meetings in preparation for a CRM deployment. I even got my taxes done. All of these projects…

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On iPads, change management and the trust fall

My birthday is today (yay me!) and my husband gave me a new iPad2 as a present. It’s very shiny and has a pretty blue cover that folds backward to create a computer stand. I know it is going to make my life easier and more fun both for work and at home. I’m also…

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Friday Musing — Second dogs and lateral integration

My dog Star hasn’t made an appearance in my blog in many months, but I’m thinking about her today because we are contemplating a family addition — a new dog. It wasn’t exactly planned. My friend just moved from a house with big yard in Denver to an apartment in Los Angeles. The move is…

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