Diving in

It was a good week at work. One of my clients launched a major business development initiative. Another finalized materials for a marketing campaign to promote a new service line. A third got through a tedious set of meetings in preparation for a CRM deployment.

I even got my taxes done.

All of these projects — especially my taxes — could have been done weeks ago. What got in the way? Excessive planning.

Listen, no one believes in planning more than me. I’ve made a career out of  it. But when it comes to marketing and business development, there are times when planning gets in the way of progress.

Plans are not legal briefs. They do not require you to spot every single issue at hand — just the most important ones. They don not require every potential objection to be anticipated. They just need to be rational.

Plans are a simply a road map that define what you want to accomplish, how you are going to go about doing it, and what success will look like when you are done. If something doesn’t work, you can alter the course or change the approach to improve the results. For marketing and business development, the journey is half the fun.

Some times you just need to dive in and do it.

Posted on April 15, 2011 in Business Development, Law Firm Management

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