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What Law Firms Can Learn From

TechnoLawyer’s BlawgWorld (free subscription required) had an interesting item a few weeks ago about how LegalZoom is beta testing a concept that would allow it to offer its legal services through small firms under the LegalZoom brand. It’s fraught with ethcial complications, which were outlined by the blog’s author Richard Granat on his eLawyering Blog. From my…

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Balancing the Practice of Law with Business Development

In the quest for the perfect law firm business model, I’m often asked about the best way to balance the practice of law with the time needed to develop new business. While there is no silver bullet, here are three first steps to consider when developing a plan to grow your practice. 1) Start with…

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How are those resolutions coming?

By Debra Baker I was reading in the New York Times last week about a website called StickK, where people share publicly their goals and resolutions, even putting money on the line in the event they fail. The concept, according to the Times article, is that “people are more likely to achieve their goals if…

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