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Maybe lawyers should sell widgets

Reflections on the emerging Global 25: Part 2 Legal is a profession, not an industry. Law firms are different; They don’t sell widgets. These are the theorems I was first introduced to when I started covering law practice management for the ABA Journal after graduating from law school in 1998. I challenged the first when…

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Outside looking in

Reflections on the impact of the emerging Global 25: Part 1 The American Lawyer’s “Second 200” issue provides more evidence of the widening gap between the country’s largest firms and everyone else:  A $1.1 million gap to be exact. That is the difference in average profits per partner for the top 23 firms compared to…

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Networking lessons from outside the legal profession

I recently started attending a networking group comprised largely of professional services executives. In talking with one of the founders of the organization, he noted that they’ve had a hard time keeping attorneys as active members. He personally invited about 25 different attorneys to participate. They attended a few events but slowly dropped even though the…

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Time to decide what you are NOT good at

I launched Law Firm Transitions a year ago this week. My goal for starting a blog was to join and help drive the conversation about changes law firms need to make to better serve clients. From my perspective, the business model needs to change. So it seems apropos that I chose this week to report on…

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