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You Can’t Shrink Your Way to Growth

It’s been another tough year for law firms as demand for legal services continues to wane. The instinct to cut costs and wait out the storm remains strong, but for many firms there is precious little room to maneuver. Instead of retracting, start thinking about how you are going to position yourself for 2011. Here…

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From Relic to Relevant: Law Firms Should Take a Lesson from a Law Library

I am privileged to be working with the San Diego County Public Law Library as they plan a major renovation of their main library. They launched a campaign this week called Rebuilt. Reinvented. Reinvigorated. The campaign is to raise awareness about their plans to better serve the legal community and the general public. The changes include…

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Business processes don’t have to come at the expense of the practice of law, but they have to come

I found an old email this morning that references a 2009 McKinsey Executive Insight report about challenges facing corporations coming out of the economic crisis. I no longer have a link to the year-old report, but the excerpt from the email reads: “Companies need to integrate marketing and sales function into the day-to-day operations of…

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Drive Change Management with Decision-Making Clarity

I’m calling last week the week of pain – growing pains. On the same day, I had calls from colleagues at three different clients. All wanted to bend my ear about struggles they were having trying to implement new initiatives. Strategic direction wasn’t the challenge. All three clients have virtually universal support for their end…

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