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My dog Star is a 90-lb lab who stands close to five-feet tall when fully erect.

That’s typically how you’ll find her if you visit my house. She likes to stand with her front paws on the porch wall, so she can seek out a neighbor or passerby. We always know when she’s found someone willing to show her some attention because her tail starts beating like a rapidly ticking metronome.

Star is not a brain surgeon, but she has a lot she could teach about business development. The truth is, when it comes to building relationships, Star is… well…  a star. For this reason, I’m dedicating my Friday “lite” postings to the business lessons that Star has mastered.

It’s a Dog’s Life: The Art of Networking

For many lawyers, and people in general (myself included), the hardest part of relationship development can be starting the relationship, particularly if you don’t have someone who can make an introduction. If this is the case for you, Star might be able to help.

Star’s 7-step approach toward first meetings typically goes something like this:

1. Star sees target.

2. Star jumps on target.

3. Star licks face of target.

4. Star retreats to all fours.

5. Target pets Star on head.

6. Star rolls on back.

7. Target rubs Star’s belly.

With that, the relationship is set in place. While Star could certainly benefit from some refinement in technique–she has been known to knock down a neighbor or two–she has the fundamentals mastered. I think there is something we all can learn from her when networking: Always Smile. Be approachable (see paragraph 2, tail wagging technique). Don’t be afraid to make the first move.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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